About Us

About us

GL Music Box Inc.

The company, founded by Mr. Guy Lotte in 1955, is today the systematic partner of all musical activities, productions, events, shows and performances in the Quebec province.

BAM is above all a team formed by experienced backliner as well as dedicated and passionate staff.

The success of each show is the result of a team and in that sense we are playing a very important role in your projects and productions. Trust us with the backline request of artists you hire, we are the specialists in this field.

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Our Mission

Manage, lease and transport equipment and musical instrument while offering a range of complementary products and services.

Our vision

Provide producers, professional events programmers and musicians a set of essential resources, know-how and expertise in backline rental.

The little story of the Music Box

It was in 1955 that Guy Lotte opened La Boite à Musique in the small family home. Quickly, this accommodation will become too small and La Boite à Musique will be located at 3167 Sainte-Catherine Est in Montreal. At that time, we were at the forefront of the birth of the Quebec music and entertainment industry. Over the decades, we have been the privileged spectators of the emergence of so many talents; Witnesses of so much success; Small and big!

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