Our team

The BAM team has accumulated many years of international touring experience, festivals, major events, studio sessions, TV projects and corporate events, and all our technicians take the success of your projects to heart.

Our know-how makes the difference.

Backliner Definition: With a thorough knowledge of all the musicians, instruments and peripherals, the backliner is responsible for their preparation and maintenance as well as the technical assistance of musicians .

Learn more about the term Backliner: reference 1 | Reference 2

Each show is a team effort and for more than 60 years our service has proven itself. And as we are all musicians too; At different levels; We understand your needs very well.

Do not hesitate to contact us !

BAM'S Team

Steve Marcoux
Président / Direction Générale / Développement des affaires / communication
Pierre Marcoux
Chef des opérations / Gestion des backliner
Marc Thibodeau
Gérant de la location / Backliner en chef
Manuel Hernandez
Transport et logistique
Cathy Caron-Desormaux
Responsable des studios de répétitions
Nicolas Rondeau
Technicien électronique / Backliner
Kaan Kuru
Services administratifs

External Resources

Luis - Backliner Senior

Keuk - Backliner transport

Guillaume - Drumtech Senior

Jean-Christophe Cayer
Technicien / Backliner

Ixchel Levasseur
Technicien / Backliner

Remi - Backliner Senior

Antoine - Backliner Senior

Huw - Backliner Senior


Simon Dolan

Vintage tech

JP Gravel (2004 à 2007)

Alain Constantineau (1994 à 2002)

Stéphane Tremblay (1989 à 2005)

Yohan Bicherel (Été 2011)

Bruno Lavoie

Richard Lanthier

Lee-Pierre Belley

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